Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Wilfried's Story


Treatment Age: 80


“I had many years of gradually increasing pain that stubbornly defied every attempt to fight it. In the end, even high doses of painkillers only helped to a limited extent. Sleeping at night was out of the question. From the regional press I had learned about the promising treatment approaches of Prof. Wehling. This seemed to me to be the penultimate alternative to an operation; to be more precise, a straw in the wind, because in the end – I am now in my 80s – such a serious intervention as the amputation of the shoulder joint would hardly have made sense. All the more surprising was the actual success of the therapy, which was still completely unknown here. I had not really expected it. Already after the third of five injections, my previously very severe shoulder pain had disappeared and it has not returned until today, five weeks now! (Two minor exceptions: I had exaggerated a bit during the movement exercises). I no longer need painkillers at all. I can assume with some confidence that this will remain the case in the near future, perhaps permanently. However, if this should change significantly, you and your practice are the only and best address – if only to make up for this year’s Rhine steamboat trip, which was cancelled due to bad weather. Thank you very much for your medical service! Who heals, is right! With good wishes and friendly greetings also to the ladies of your practice, from my wife and I.

Your patient, Wilfried S.”