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Tom's Story


Treatment Age: 27


“A decade filled with pain, uncertainty and disappointment had passed when I luckily heard of the opening of Prof. Dr. Wehling`s clinic in Düsseldorf. I had experienced many failed attempts of treatments and tried out new revolutionary therapies, drugs and dietary plans. Also, the classical rheumatism treatment, which consisted of cortisone injections and immunosuppressive drugs such as “Metrotexat” and “Imurek” played a big part in my life.


Unfortunately, the classical rheumatism treatment brought about its own side-effects, which did not make things easier for me. However, the high amount of injections, hospital visits and even the pain were not as upsetting and hurtful as the social stigma.


When I was 12 years old I went on a camping trip with my family to Canada. All of a sudden, I got a high temperature and experienced great pain before I collapsed in a supermarket. In a hospital in Robertville (Canada) a physician explained to me and my parents that I was suffering from a virus, which could trigger off meningitis or rheumatoid arthritis. I was quite lucky in that it was the latter. Back in Germany I had to stay in the University hospital, Düsseldorf, for 2 weeks. The final diagnosis which the doctor discovered was “Morbus Still” and I was treated with cortisone. The doctors notified me that I could gain a little bit of weight while I was being treated with cortisone. I was so happy to finally leave the hospital and see my friends again that I was willing to accept nearly every treatment which the doctors recommended. My re-entry into school life went quite smoothly. With the help of good friends and teachers my grades did not change very much, but my childhood was more or less vanished completely. Most of my free time I spent sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms, at traditional healers, rehabilitation clinics or at physiotherapists.

However, having the constant aim of improving my current condition, my parents were determined to find alternative and new treatments for me wherever possible. Nevertheless, for the time being I spent a great length of time in the “Klinik Schlangenbach” (Germany) in which I was given the immunosuppressive drug “Imurek”. During this time my entire body swelled up. I was constantly hungry and my parents had difficulties in controlling my appetite. In the light of becoming adolescence, my massive obesity was more than just ballast for me. I was getting more interested in girls, but my outer appearance hindered me socializing with girls. Some fears, which developed during this time are still with me today. From the 8th or 9th Grade onwards I was only able to move about in a wheelchair. Luckily my classmates and teachers helped with the small and sometimes big hurdles at school. However, I was still gaining weight and it became very excessive when I was treated in another clinic which was called “Schwertbad”. During this time I gained around 35 kg in a few months. After this time I had to go into hospital once a month for one weekend. On these days I got cortisone injections with more than 750 milligram. Usually a harmless daily doses is about 5 milligram. I learned to receive my body and soul in two different ways. When I entered sixth grade I decided to abandon my wheelchair and I walked into school. Yes, I walked. At first I had to hold on to the walls and during breaks I wasn’t able to go outside. However, as soon as I got home after school I was in terrible pain, but I was determined to walk and wanted to become more independent. At this point my life was ruled by two things, namely the hospital visits and the process of becoming an adolescent. The fact, that I was not sitting in my wheelchair very often made me feel good. I was even able to go on a holiday with my friends to Mallorca and France and it was not a very big problem to take the plane or the car since I wasn’t tied to the wheelchair anymore.

Another decisive point in my life was the beginning of my studies at university. Those people who know a little bit about rheumatism know that this disease does not appear periodically or linear but in episodes. After I had finished high school my health deteriorated, although I was given a high amount of cortisone regularly. I was forced to sit in my wheelchair again. This meant I had to start university using a wheelchair. After my first semester the long predicted step of getting a hip replacement arrived. I had to stop University but continued studying after a break of two semesters. My knees were also supposed to be operated on, but I decided against this step.


The first time I met Prof. Dr. Wehling was in autumn, the time of the year when my illness affected me the most and I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was very insecure when I entered the Professor’s clinic on the Königsallee in my wheelchair. Although the hip replacement improved my quality of life to a certain degree and I was able to walk on crutches for a short distance, my health condition at that point in time did not allow me to walk into the clinic. I was very impressed by the Professor’s clinic. Everyone in the clinic was friendly and Prof. Dr. Wehling welcomed me heartily. I was very surprised that he knew so much about my medical history and had read my files, which I had, send to him prior to my visit. It was very pleasant not to tell my whole story over again, which I always had had to do when I went to see other new doctors.

Dr. Wehling explained to me that he had been studying, in cooperation with two colleagues from Boston and Pittsburgh, the effects of immunomodulatory human exosomes. These Exosomes are formed in various cells of the body and play an important role in the body’s immune response.


My expectations were low, because I had heard of many other new revolutionary treatments before, but none of them had worked for me. Nevertheless, I decided to have the treatment. The first two injections I got in both of my knees. As I have mentioned before my expectations were low, but the outcome and the feelings which occurred, I have never experienced before. After the first day of treatment I did not experience the every day pain in my knee when I got out of bed the next morning. I did not realize what was happening to me. I knew the feeling of having no pain after a cortisone injection but this feeling of being pain-free lasted. After one week I went to see Dr. Wehling again and told him what I had experienced. Further, Dr. Wehling wanted to check my blood tests. Dr. Wehling compared the most recent result with the blood test, which was taken before we started the treatment. The results showed that the CRP result and the leukocytes had improved.

I was still a little bit skeptical about the treatment but my lab tests were still improving and my general health had improved immensely. 3 months later I got a further injection. A few days before I got this injection I wasn’t feeling too good, so this was a relief for me when I went for the treatment. I became more confident with Dr. Wehling’s treatment and the following Autumn I did not experience flare-ups. This had never happened before. Due to constantly testing my blood Dr. Wehling was able to react when changes showed up in my results. The next step for me was to stop taking cortisone. It worked, and I must say it was the most successful breakthrough which happened, due to the Exosomes treatment. Since then I don’t need to take cortisone anymore. My mobility is increasing from day to day and I have lost a lot of weight. I don’t need the wheelchair anymore and as a result my quality of life has improved immensely. For more than 10 months now I haven’t had to have exosome treatment since my blood results have settled down.


Prof. Dr. Wehling and the exosome treatment helped me to lead a more or less normal life once again. Words can hardly describe how thankful I am to Dr. Wehling. I don’t play football, but when I attend university it is not obvious that I am handicapped in any way.

As I said before, I am very very lucky.”