Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Hear what patients are saying from all over the world

Lynn K., California

 Age: 62 

“85% of the movement in my shoulder was restored and the pain just vanished in just three days! And even better, I continued improving over the next month. Two years later I have 100% shoulder movement and absolutely zero pain. Where in the world can you find that kind of pain relief – and get your active life back?  People speculate over what the future of medicine will look like. The future is here. It’s Regenokine!”

Area Treated: Shoulder

Moustafa E.-S., California

 Age: 30 

“After 14 years of excruciating pain and limited mobility the Regenokine® Program have giving me some control back of my life. I have less pain, more energy and more mobility now that I am able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am currently capable to go back to school, work and even back to the gym and do things haven’t been able to do for years. Thank you so much tor giving me my life back.”

Area Treated: Back

Donna K., NYC

 Age: 67 

“Miraculously, within weeks of the Regenokine treatment my pain had diminished from a constant 7/10 with medications to 4/10 without!“ [Read more…]

Area Treated: Back

Svetlana S., Boston

 Age: 61 

“At the last day of my treatment, pain in my neck disappeared (stage 4 – untreatable), shoulder become 70% better low back/arthritis and prolapsed disk – very, very big difference“
[Read more…]

Area Treated: Oseteoarthritis

Ulla M.-C., California

 Age: 76 

“The Regenokine treatment for my severe osteoarthritis in both my hands has, proved to be very beneficial. I now have a lot more flexibility in my hands. Everyday chores are much easier to perform.“ [Read more…]

Area Treated: Hands

Donna G., Washington D.C.

 Age: 63 

“With Regenokine, I was able to ski again, after two years not being able to ski due to pain.“

Area Treated: Back

Peter L., Hungary

 Age: 34 

“After the Regenokine treatment, I got back the strengths of my knee, I did not have pain every day.“

Area Treated: Knee

Daniel S., Germany

 Age: 37 

“After the second injection I was feeling much better and after the 3rd injection I felt an improvement of 40 percent. The pain was gone and my quality of life improved a lot. An operation was not necessary anymore.”

Area Treated: Back

Reiko M., Germany

 Age: 64 

“The pain has diminished and the quality of my life has improved immensely.  Due to the treatment I did not have to get a knee replacement. Thank you very much again!”

Area Treated: Knee

Gundi H., Austria

 Age: 63 

“I still can’t believe what happened to me, but I am more than thankful for the extremely professional help in Dr. Wehling’s clinic. The pain has nearly gone completely and I am now able to enjoy yoga and go to the gym again. Many thanks.”

Area Treated: Lower Back

Tom S., Germany

 Age: 27 

“Words can hardly describe how thankful I am to Dr. Wehling. I don’t play football, but when I attend university it is not obvious that I am handicapped in any way. As I said before, I am very very lucky.”

Area Treated: Knee

Ulrike H., Germany

 Age: 61 

“I have been suffering from osteoarthritis in my lower lumbar region, in my left hip joint and in both knees for many years. Because of the enormous pain, I had to quit my job as an elementary school teacher. After only three injection treatments I was almost pain free and after six sessions completely pain free. I could move and felt like I was “reborn”.”

Area Treated: Knee, Hip & Lumbar

Sybille, D., Germany

 Age: 66 

“My left knee gonarthrosis was causing me increasing discomfort in everyday life due to osteoarthritis. Cycling caused me very severe pain and was no longer possible. After the first treatment I noticed an immediate improvement. Today 6 months after the treatment, I can walk longer distances without any problems, bend my knee well again and ride my bike without any pain.”

Area Treated: Knee

Dr. D.J., Germany

 Age: 48 

“I can do my work again as before, even very hard physical work, and my back is 100% loadable until today. I have even forgotten in the meantime that I had a slipped disc. I can live again, like any healthy person and to put it briefly: “I live again!”

Area Treated: Achilles tendon

Manfred W., Germany

 Age: 59 

“After six treatments, the painful impairments of the previous six years had disappeared. I was able to carry physical loads for hours, and this permanently pain-free – and the success continues to this day. I have regained my old quality of life.  I am very grateful to you and your team. The treatment in their house is one of my positive periods of life.”

Area Treated: Knee, Hip & Lumbar

Detlev B., Germany

 Age: 45 

“After only three treatments, my pain was gone with the wind, my mobility improved significantly so that my son, 6 years old, had to point out to his buddy while playing soccer in the backyard that he would have to play fast again because his dad would now move faster again and would get down to business a lot more.”

Area Treated: Back, Shoulders & Hips

Malte H., Germany

 Age: 57 

“After one treatment I was pain-free. After the 2nd treatment, all discomfort (paralysis of the leg) was gone. I have had four more injections and am completely free of symptoms.”

Area Treated: Spine

Wilfried S., Germany

 Age: 80 

“All the more surprising was the actual success of the therapy, which was still completely unknown here. I had not really expected it. Already after the third of five injections, my previously very severe shoulder pain had disappeared and it has not returned until today, five weeks now!”

Area Treated: Shoulder

Gerhard K., Germany

 Age: 84 

“After only one treatment, the pain was completely gone. This treatment and the corresponding medication did the rest. I can only say “That was great!“ I would like to thank you very much for your good diagnostics and careful treatment and wish you many more years of success.”

Area Treated: Back

Monika M., Germany

 Age: 49 

“After the first treatment I was pain free after only 3 hours. After the 2nd treatment, all other symptoms such as numbness, leg heaviness and tingling in the calf were gone. I received 4 more treatments and was happy and grateful. Besides, I noticed that my multiple sclerosis (about 3-6 relapses a year since 1987) decreased noticeably.”

Area Treated: Spine