Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Monika's Story


Treatment Age: 49


“In 2006, I had a herniated disc in my lumbar spine L5/S1. It felt as if someone had rammed a knife into my back. The pain was the same at night and during the day. Painkillers had no effect. In April I consulted the practice of Prof. Wehling. He decided to give me 6 autologous injections. He explained to me that if this did not help, the disc would have to be surgically removed. After the first treatment I was pain free after only 3 hours. After the 2nd treatment, all other symptoms such as numbness, leg heaviness and tingling in the calf were gone. I received 4 more treatments and was happy and grateful. Besides, I noticed that my multiple sclerosis (about 3-6 relapses a year since 1987) decreased noticeably. As of 2007, I have had no more relapses. Spider veins and varicose veins also decreased. My skin became more supple, my hair shinier and less oily. Tinnitus and dizziness caused by Morbus-Meniere gradually disappeared. My concentration improved. Overall, I feel rejuvenated by at least 10 years. Knee and shoulder pain also improved by 70%. My immune system completely recovered. A cold with pus and mucus that normally lasts 14 days is a thing of the past. Today, when I get a respiratory infection, the improvement begins the same day. One can speak of healing after 3 days. In November 2013, I visited the practice of Dr. Wehling & Partner again because of a herniated disc in the neck. I was again free of symptoms in a very short time. I have decided that I will take the treatment every 2 years (6 injections) as a kind of fresh cell cure for the entire body. The immune system is strengthened and at my age this is the best protection against chronic diseases and cancer. Thank you that this treatment exists.“