Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Manfred's Story


Treatment Age: 59


“Dear Professor Wehling,

my family and I have just returned from a vacation in Denmark, during which we took long walks with our dogs every day. A short time ago, this would have been possible for me only with great pain, which would not have subsided even in the further course of the day. The arthrosis in both hip joints had progressed so far that the only orthopedic option seemed to be surgery and the implantation of artificial hip joints. With this finding, I turned to you and your team two months ago. The previous orthopedic findings were confirmed in the extensive radiological examinations. There was pronounced osteoarthritis in both hip joints and incipient osteoarthritis in one knee and the lower three lumbar vertebrae. After six treatments, the painful impairments of the previous six years had disappeared. I was able to carry physical loads for hours, and this permanently pain-free – and the success continues to this day. I have regained my old quality of life.  I am very grateful to you and your team. The treatment in their house is one of my positive periods of life.”