Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Malte's Story


Treatment Age: 57


“In 2013, I had a severe herniated disc in my lumbar spine. After one treatment I was pain-free. After the 2nd treatment, all discomfort (paralysis of the leg) was gone. I have had four more injections and am completely free of symptoms, although the disc ruptured at that time and severely impeded nerve conduction in the spinal cord. I have been recommending the practice of Dr. Wehling/Dr. Hartmann for many years. I am myself active in the medical field. Through observation of many joint and spinal conditions of my patients, I have also that the treatment program has a strong alleviating effect on most autoimmune diseases.

In my own case, Crohn’s disease (diarrhea) has disappeared 90% of the time. Also, neurodermatitis and bronchitis are almost gone. In my wife, who suffered from MS (since 1987), the disease has completely disappeared. My mother had an apoplexy with subsequent dementia years ago. She is now fully capable again after one year, there is nothing more to be diagnosed of dementia.

of dementia can be diagnosed. For me, Dr. Wehling’s therapy is the strongest anti-inflammatory therapy without side effects that exists in this world.”