Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Gundi's Story


Treatment Age: 63


“Dear Dr. Wehling,

about a month ago I received your treatment, which changed my life completely. Pain in several joints such as the knee, shoulder, elbow and lower back had affected me for many years. I heard from many doctors that I had to accept this fact since these things happen when you grow older. I am 59 years old and I had reached the stage of believing the doctors. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Renna who recommended Dr. Wehling in Düsseldorf, Germany. Before I went to see Dr. Wehling I was a bit skeptical since so many doctors before had disappointed me, but I am glad I went. Thank Goodness!


Most of the pain I suffered came from the lower back and sometimes it took me several minutes to get out of a chair and stand upright. Therefore Dr. Wehling decided to start treating my back. I got the treatment in combination with acupuncture for one week. After the first treatment the pain was much less and it got even less every day. When the week of treatment was over my back pains had improved by 90 per cent and the pain I had in my other joints had diminished too.


I still can’t believe what happened to me, but I am more than thankful for the extremely professional help in Dr. Wehling’s clinic.

The pain has nearly gone completely and I am now able to enjoy yoga and go to the gym again. Many thanks.”