Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Dr. D.J's Story


Treatment Age: 48


“I have been a veterinarian for over 20 years and also treat large animals, especially cattle. In 2006, I became ill with Achilles tendon bilaterally. My doctor at that time prescribed me pain and inflammation medication. I should lie down as often and as long as possible. My complaints at the Achilles tendon did not get better and in addition my back musculature and in addition, my back muscles deteriorated due to lying down and the lack of movement. So, in 2007 (after 8 months) I also had a herniated disc. The prolapse was further treated with painkillers. I was informed that an operation was not necessary. The pain

never went away. I had to continue in my job and had to clench my teeth every day to keep from crying out in pain. As a result, I was depressed, nervous and impatient with my patients, could not move properly and my life was a nightmare. From January 2010 it got to the point where I could not lie down for more than half an hour and therefore could not fall asleep. In an orthopedic clinic in Munich I then got the shocking diagnosis: Osteochondrosis L5/S1

My intervertebral disc was no longer there. The only solution for me now was a stiffening of the spine by an operation. If I did not have this surgery, I would continue to live like an invalid. Instead of this operation I came to Prof. Wehling and received a his treatment. 3 weeks later I achieved 75% improvement in pain and after 2 months even 99% pain improvement. Since then I can do my work again as before, even very hard physical work, and my back is 100% loadable until today. I have even forgotten in the meantime that I had a slipped disc. I can live again, like any healthy person and to put it briefly: “I live again!”