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Donna's Story

New York City

Treatment Age: 67


“I am a 67-year-old pain management physician with a successful practice on Park Avenue in Manhattan.  Ironically, I myself had been in chronic pain after back surgery at the age of 35.  A few years ago, the pain became so debilitating that I could hardly walk—I didn’t know how I could possibly continue to practice.  A colleague of mine told me about the work Dr. Peter Wehling was doing in Düsseldorf; I researched it and decided to (literally) give it a shot.  Miraculously, within weeks of the treatment my pain had diminished from a constant 7/10 with medications to 4/10 without! About eight months later, I conferred with Dr. Wehling and he agreed that perhaps a second course of treatment might be even more beneficial. Back to Germany—and I have been pain-free since then, except for an expected brief ache at my age after I overdo my exercise regimen (I went from barely walking a block when I met Dr. Wehling to biking about 15 miles plus one hour of Pilates daily). I can honestly say that five years later, I cannot even remember the last time I experienced back pain.“