Learn About The Game Changing Treatment Against Joint Pain

Detlev's Story


Treatment Age: 45


“I was at a loss as to what else to do: Pain throughout my back, shoulders and hips.

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and had to wait 3 months for an appointment with a rheumatologist. That was just the way it was said. I started searching on the Internet, who the hell can help me?

So I came to the site of Professor Wehling and Dr. Hartmann and read the therapeutic procedures in detail. It sounded logical to me and I decided to make an appointment. I met a very committed practice team which did everything with 100% commitment to initiate all diagnostic measures at short notice and I always had the feeling: Here the well-being of the patient is in the absolute foreground. The professor and his entire team are 100% committed to the patient’s recovery as their absolute priority and all therapeutic measures are worked out according to these aspects. From the very beginning, you have the feeling that you are in the best of hands here, and that everyone knows exactly what to do. There was no waiting for 3 months, I described my suffering and got an appointment within 14 days.

Last exit Düsseldorf, it was called for me so to speak, it was like the last lifeline for me I could throw. After it had been clarified that the therapy methods had a chance of success with me and that these could

and that they could be successful, we started.

And what can I say: After only three treatments, my pain was gone with the wind, my mobility improved significantly so that my son, 6 years old, had to point out to his buddy while playing soccer in the backyard that he would have to play fast again because his dad would now move faster again and would get down to business a lot more.

Now I feel as if I just woke up from a nightmare, and am glad, and say to myself: thank God I have only dreamed all this. And I hope that I will not have any more nightmares so soon. But if I get another nightmare, I know which address I will contact immediately.

In this sense, I wish all who read this the best health and great therapy successes!”